Text Twist 2

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Text Twist 2

Play Text Twist 2 for free online on nytimes-spellingbee.com

Text Twist 2 has a variety of word puzzles, help children improve grammar, and vocabulary skills.

  • Must find words in a limited time to help children have the ability to react quickly.
  • With challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics, playable in full-screen mode, children are completely unaffected by eyesight.


How to play

- Add an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to a word because if the word does not exist in the singular form there is the word will it exists in the plural form! Great!

- If you feel stuck pressing, let's use the "twist" button, the player won't lose points, but shuffling the letters can help you find a new word.
- To sort words quickly remember: double letters like "TT" or "DD" often stand side by side or a common suffix like ‘ing. '

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